Hilbert Student Hit by Car: Media Camp Exercise


Editor’s note: This is a story based on a reporting exercise conducted as part of Hilbert College Media Camp. No one has been injured at the college.

By Areeba Bakht

A Hilbert College student is in critical condition after being hit by car in school parking lot this morning.

A Hilbert sophomore was found lying unconscious after being hit by a black Honda Civic. The Hilbert College Campus Safety Team arrived within minutes after the accident, which happened at 9:42 am, according to law enforcement officials.

Vito Czyz, the head of the Campus Safety Team, said that Hamburg emergency responders arrived minutes after his team and began working on the victim, addressing the media at a press conference held on campus shortly after the accident.

“Looks like upper body injuries we can say,” Czyz said. “Again, paramedics were on the scene and transported the victim to ECMC.”

The driver, an unidentified white male, fled the scene of the accident on foot. The Hamburg Police Department was in pursuit of the suspect, who disappeared into the woods behind the college, but had not found him at the time of the press conference, Czyz said.

“We have no further report on the injuries nor can release the name of the student,” Czyz said.

Ryan Zunner, a Hilbert junior who witnessed the accident, said he thinks he knows the victim.

Zunner said he was running out to his car when the accident happened.

“I just know her from school,” Zunner said. “I had a class with her last semester. She will be a sophomore this year. I mean, she is just a caring, loving person. It’s a shame to see something like this happen to her.”

Zunner said that after the victim was hit, the culprit looked around before running towards the soccer field. Zunner tried to catch him, but the driver was too quick. He was able to catch a glimpse of the culprit.

“He was about 6’1”, about 200 pounds, white male,” Zunner said. “Dark hair. Hair shorter than mine. ”

An officer on the scene declined to answer questions, saying she was not authorized to answer any questions.

Czyz said that he will continue to provide updates on the situation as he gets more information.


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