Gallery: September 11th Rememberance

by Mary Kate Wirfel

Hilbert College hosted a September 11th remembrance. Students and staff gathered around the flagpole in front of McGrath Library to remember the attacks that happened 17 years ago. Jeff Papia, head of Campus Ministry, lead the students in a remembrance prayer followed by a moment of silence. Professor Mark Paoni gave a speech about responsibility and how our first responders risked their lives saving others on that fateful day in 2001. Tanya Moreta head of the Veterans department and Diversity Inclusion thanked everyone for coming and also welcomed the Hamburg Police Department, who came to the memorial service. Signs representing the victims on September 11th were placed all around the campus. Flags were placed by the signs that represented the first responders. To see what happened at the September 11th remembrance event look at the photo gallery below. (Photos by Mary Kate Wirfel).

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