Good Eats: Alton’s


by Michael Goodberry

The other day I went to Alton’s in West Seneca. Upon arrival, the restaurant seems small yet well managed. While entering, there is a warm feeling and general aroma of delicious food. People are seated mainly in booths with tables placed in close by.

With the timing being in early December, the place was neatly decorated in Christmas ornaments wrapped in wreathes. The servers and hosts are all dressed in very fancy apparel.


I was seated in a booth and ordered lobster bisque for my soup and chicken parmigiana. The bisque had a wonderful aroma to it. The texture was slightly grainy but still had the same wonderful creamy flavor. In the middle of the bisque was two tiny balls of lobster meat and lightly garnished for visual appeal. The tender lobster complemented the bisque perfectly.


Moments later the chicken parmigiana arrived in all steaming glory. If you love good Italian food, you will love this dish. There are two large, lightly breaded chicken fillets, covered in stringy melted mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara sauce laid on a bed of perfectly cooked spaghetti.

On the side was fantastic garlic bread, cut into thick pieces perfectly toasted to a golden brown with the proper seasonings to make the flavor explode on your tongue. Over all the meal was very filling and made excellent left overs the next day. For top quality Italian food, put Alton’s on your list.

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