Good Eats: Iron Kettle


by Michael Goodberry

Early Tuesday morning I went to the Iron Kettle in East Aurora. The restaurant looks very underwhelming from the outside, like a house surrounded by trailer homes. The inside starts with a cramped foyer that opens to a main dining room to the right. A bar and family room on the left, and a banquet room in the back.

I sat in the main dining room where I had a perfect view of the fireplace decorated for Christmas. They have garland and lights around the top of the fireplace. At each table is a pinecone to give a decorative winter feel to the atmosphere.

For breakfast, I ordered the Iron Kettle, 2/2/2, which is your choice of eggs, a choice off bacon or sausage and the choice of French toast or pancakes. My custom order consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon and French toast.


Within moments, the food came out. The bacon was crispy salty and cooked very well as always. The French toast was. The French toast is two soft slices of Texas toast fried so it is golden brown, yet very soft. The toast has the option of being served with fluffy powdered sugar or sweet maple syrup. The only part that was not as delicious as expected was the scrambled eggs. The eggs were not as fluffy as typical restaurant quality eggs. However, if you put salt on the eggs, they are still very good.

If you wake up in time for breakfast, East Aurora’s Iron Kettle is a great place.

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