Event: Exam Snacks


by Angelica Reyna

Finals week is here and students are under immense stress as they are working towards the end of the semester. Jill Spalawski, the Director of Residence Life and Judicial Affairs, Student life, Hallmark Dining and the Student Government Association hosted an event for residents and commuters called “Exam Snacks.”

Throughout the semester these organizations have hosted events for the students.  “Exam snacks is three nights of late-night food for our residents and commuters to enjoy the food and the fun” said Spawlaski. Exam Snacks was hosted at the residence hall of Trinity, from December 11, 2018 to December 13, 2018 from 9:30 P.M. until everything was gone. Every day there was a new menu with many choices.

“Next semester we hope to plan on wrapping it up better at a different location for the students,” Spawlaski said. Residents not only have access to this phenomenal event, they were also given goodie bags, with the organizers wishing them good luck on their exams. Throughout the week of exams students had a great deal of support and good luckk wishes, including in the library where the staff had apple cider, hot cocoa, cookies and more.

Although the semester is crazy as can be, the students had the support and encouragement for them to keep on doing great until the end. Good luck to all.

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