Hilbert Hosts Hoops for Heroes

Basketball has sprung into season, and Hilbert Sports Industry Management students got into the spirit by putting on a successful  fundraising event.

The Sports Events and Operations class raised money to benefit veterans, with a three vs three basketball tournament. , “Veterans One Stop of WNY; is an organization that works to bring people, organizations and resources together in time, space and effort to effectively improve the well-being of all WNY veterans of the Armed Forces and their families.” said Chad Goodwin.

The event took place on Sunday November 10th, at 10am in Hafner Recreation Center. Three students ran the event from SIM 410. Two seniors, Hunter Martineau and Ian Moran. Also junior Dan Munn was involved.

“I thought the Hoops for Hero’s was a success.” said Martineau. “We had eleven teams come out; raised a little over $300 from team registrations, concessions, and raffle prizes. I don’t think there were any problems, which I can conclude it as a success. I come from a basketball mind as well.”

“Personal experiences kind of goes in my everyday life. It is a hard tournament to get organized, just because you are not entirely sure who will participate. I kind of relate it to my life, because I took initiative in it. My dad is a veteran, so trying to make sure that I can now only just spread the awareness just for him.” said Ian Moran.

“We are trying to replicate involvement in sports management.” said Professor Roland.

“Sports Events and Operations, I would consider a good class.” You learn behind-the-scenes, that goes behind trying to market your event.” said Moran.

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