Q&A: Joseph Venezia

by Tony Nally

Joseph Venezia joined the Hilbert’s Adventure Club two years ago after hearing about the amazing places they are able to go. Venezia, a junior political science major and criminal justice minor, took over as leader of the club this year. The Scribe was able to sit down with him to discuss plans to grow Adventure Club and the trips that are on the docket this year.

The Scribe: As the leader of adventure club this year, how do you feel about the club and what are your plans?

Joseph Venezia: Our plans for this year is to start by growing the club. There are currently only three people in adventure club and I would like to get the club to its stature in previous years where there was over ten people in the club.  We are also currently planning out little trips that we want to take and we always do one big trip during the semester as well.

TS: How would you compare adventure club this year to past years it was held? What kinds of trips did the club go on in previous years?

JV: Since last year, the size of adventure club has dwindled down mostly because many of the people that were in charge of the club in the past have now graduated. I plan on getting the word out to students on campus within the next week that adventure club is back and that we will be going on exciting trips. Last year the adventure club went to some places that were closer to school such as Griffith Sculpture Park, Allegheny State Park, Franklin Gulf and after doing some fund raising in the past spring semester, we ended the year with an awesome trip to Cedar Point in Ohio as well.

TS: What places are you most excited about going to this year with the club?

JV: This year I am excited about getting back to the roots of adventure club and making it more of a club where we spend our time outdoors as opposed to going to places such as Lasertron and gaming places indoors. I would really like to have some outdoor experiences such as hiking, snowshoeing, and fall activities since that season is right around the corner. Some specific places that I am looking forward to going are Zoar Valley, Letchworth State Park, Franklin Gulf, Chestnut Ridge and possibly planning another big trip for the club.

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