Hilbert Host Agape Latte Series

Hilbert student Cassandra Hadaway lead the charge for this year’s Agape Latte speaker series, a popular event at the school.

Agape; Greek word meaning, “kind of love that seeks nothing in return,” Hadaway explained.

“Agape Latte is when professors, faculty and staff come in and talk about how faith impacted their journey and how they made it to where they are now,” Hadaway said “If they had any struggles in life, they can talk about it with students. It’s a coffee house kind of feel for students to feel comfortable to come and listen.”

Agape Latte ran throughout the semester, and has one speaker per semester. This year’s speaker was Randy Zimpfer; an adjunct instructor in criminal justice and forensic science.

The Agape series is about understanding the Franciscan heritage and how it fits into campus life at Hilbert, Hadaway said.

“Agape Latte fits into the Franciscan heritage because it’s about service and joy, our Franciscan values,” Hadaway said “The professors bring it into their speech and talk about how joy, service, and all those values that we talk about that we really emphasize. This allows us to understand how Franciscan, St. Francis helped them through what they believe in.”

The Hilbert College Community celebrates Fraciscan tradition through Agape Latte, Hadaway said.

“Students come and have door prizes available,” She said “When it first started, we didn’t think we would have a big turnout but we had about 50 people come to our first Agape Latte which is big for a Hilbert event. People come and drink coffee, eat food, we have them listen to their professors and then after, we have games for them play and music if they want to hang out.”

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