Birding Remains Popular American Hobby

There are many fascinating aspects of Nature. Even some of the minutest things offer a lifetime of discovery and a plethora of ways to embrace ones love for nature.

Mother Nature is a part of life that countless people have an appreciation for. Whether that interest is just the feeling of tranquility when you enter a forest, surrounded by the wind in the trees and the chirping of birds, or if people find the different species in nature to hold great interest towards them.

Eddie Williams is a successful Youtuber with over 3,200 subscribers and a wildlife biologist in the field of environmental consulting  working in San Diego, CA.

Williams, a self-described born nature lover, said he has been an avid birder from the age of 17.

“Birdwatching is the greatest hobby in the world,” Williams said in an interview with the Scribe.  “When many people think of birdwatching, they think of senior citizens dressed in dorky vests and wide-brim hats crowding around each other to get a look at something far off in the distance that no one else knows nor cares about.  This stereotype is true only to those people who have seen the hobby from the outside and never tried it for themselves.”

There are possible Doctorate degrees in the fields of Entomology (study of insects), Botany (study of plants), Ichthyology (study of fish), Dendrology (study of trees), Herpetology (Study of reptiles), mycology (study of fungi), and of course, Ornithology, the study of birds. Those are just a few of the branches of science in nature.

Ornithology is quite popular in the United States. According to Statista, in 2017 over 12 million people participated in Bird watching.

In 2011, a movie was even made about bird watching, called the Big Year. It stars popular Hollywood icons like Owen Wilson, Steve Martin, and Jack Black.

What makes Birdwatching, otherwise known as Birding, so interesting? It is a blend of many different hobbies, and it has a few challenges as well that are self-paced, making it ideal for anyone, anywhere and at any age.

Birding is ideal for fans of photography, nature, hiking, and other interests. It involves skills such as identifying different species of birds by sight or sound, the ability to take a good photograph of a bird, and learning the correct time and place to find a certain species of bird. It is a very self-paced hobby, resulting in it being stress-free, or if the birder wants, can be a competitive sport as well.

Williams said his best advice for anyone looking to get into birding is to dedicate a good amount of time to the hobby.

“My biggest piece of advice for beginner birders is you need to spend time out in the field getting experience,” Williams said. “Just like anything, practice makes you better, and the more you get out into the field, the better you will become at identifying birds.”


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