Q&A Ian Cherico

Communication Club is a club for creative students who want to expand their knowledge, create new and interesting media, and get to know other students. Ian Cherico, a junior at Hilbert College, is the President of the club and is looking to rebrand. Communication Club has been a staple of the Digital Media and Communication community at Hilbert College for a long time, but Cherico is looking to shake things up. This past week The Scribe sat down with Cherico to discuss his upcoming plans for the club.

The Scribe: What does Communications Club do?

Ian Cherico: Com Club is the creative outlet for Hilbert College, we honestly have a wide variety of things that we do, we do film making, photography, graphic design, animation, even writing anything that falls under the digital media and communication umbrella. Having a club gets people together, we meet at least once a week and go over project ideas or housekeeping issues that need to be dealt with.

TS: What made you decide to change the clubs name?

IC: I wanted to change the clubs name to something that’s a little bit more broad and a little more accepting of the other areas of digital media and communication which communication is more of graphic design, writing, which is a form of communication as opposed to digital media which is film making, and visual effects. Stuff like that needed to be included because we didn’t just want it to be secluded to one or two forms of media we also wanted to include more people than just communication majors, and with Communication Club as an outside influence you would just see it as for communication majors. We aren’t just looking for communication majors we are looking for writers, and for anyone that is willing to help us out in anyway, so we wanted to make the name a little different to encompass that idea.

TS: What is the club planning on doing in the upcoming semester?

IC: Next semester we are going to launch a full rebrand. We are going to change our name I got the papers signed already, and we are going to get new logos and go full switch and start making new content for people to see. Hopefully new students get interested and like what we are doing and maybe they will join the club.

If you are infested in joining Communications Club email icherico@hilbert.edu

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