Buffalo Fanatics Bring Unique Perspective

The Buffalo Bills fan base keeps on growing each year. In particular, The Buffalo Fanatics, a fan-run media group is the strongest and largest fan base community. For example, their Instagram account has 62.5k followers. They state in their social media bios that they are the largest Bills community on social media.  Buffalo Fanatics (formerly known as Bills Fanatics) was created in 2013 by Pierre Gabart, known as Kingpin, in the lead up to the NFL draft. Kingpin is his online persona nickname. This started off originally as a Facebook group. The aim was to gather like-minded Bills fans and them a platform to share their thoughts and opinions about their beloved team. Social media has played a crucial role for them, and keeps getting fans from other states and countries.

They are currently on almost all social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Discord, along with a podcast network that uploads on all the podcasting platforms. Their mission is to deliver striking, unfiltered and unapologetic Buffalo Bills content for fans.

Kingpin stated their goal.  “One reason for this media company, is not to regurgitate the same news. Buffalo Fanatics wants to be there for the fans. Their goal is to keep football fun and to bring a unique take to the wide agglomeration of Bills Media.”

Buffalo Fanatics recently held an event in September to engage with fans. This was during the home opener for the Buffalo Bills. It was called the Buffalo Fanatics Tailgate and consisted of food, meeting the BF team, games, music, and a good time. Over the summer, they had raffle a raffle for a BF swag bag which included a t-shirt, wristbands and lanyards. Also they had a raffle to win 2 tickets for the opener that day. The person who won, go to sit with the BF team.

One of the main purposes for this event, was to show love for all over their fans. People who follow BF are from many states and countries, not just from Buffalo. Some members of Buffalo Fanatics grew up in Buffalo. They are all die hard Bills fans.  BF wants to engage with their fans, and to spread their awareness.

The Scribe had the chance to speak with BF President, Pierre (Kingpin) Gabart.

The Scribe: How do you feel engaged with Bills fans for BF?

 Pierre Gabart: It’s probably the most enjoyable part of Buffalo Fanatics. Being able to interact with the fans, and build those relationships with Bills fans. That is probably the most part of Buffalo Fanatics takes pride in. This is not cookie cutter. It is brash and direct. No sugar coating, and that is why Bills fans enjoy BF. I personally enjoy the fan engagement, like interacting with their comments. Throwing jabs back and forth is what fans do, and that is pretty enjoyable.

TS: What is the importance of spreading BF content?

PKG: The one thing that I learned over the years, is that the many fans are from other states. Fans that don’t have a lot of avenues to gather information from social media. Not all the fans are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Being able to tap in all the markets to share content where the fans are at. Content is king. Spread the news as best as we know how, at the end of the day!

TS: How was meeting the fans at the BF Home Opener Tailgate?

PKG: That was absolutely awesome! We were able to talk to fans throughout the year. Being able to put a face to the name was pretty cool! We have debates with fans all the time. We know who we are talking to, and to put a face to them is really cool. Many fans showed up to take pictures as well. Being able to make it bigger and better for the years to come, is our goal.

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