Flag Football Tournament Benefits People Inc.

When it comes to autumn, football comes to mind.  SIM 410 Sports Events and Operations put on an extraordinary event for a great cause.

Hilbert College student, Shannon Stokes ran a flag football tournament this past Saturday on campus. This event was for her class that Professor Daniel Roland teaches. The tournament ran on Saturday November 9th, from 3pm to 7pm. They used Hafner Recreation Center, for indoor play use.

“The tournament benefited People Inc.; a non-profit organization that provides services for individuals with disabilities and seniors,” said Stokes.   Professor Roland said, “The group raised $314 from the teams participated in the tournament, concession sales, and raffle baskets.

Five teams participated in this event: Baked Bean Blowouts, Wheel & Deal, Hilbert, The Ducks, and Red Raiders. The games consisted of five vs five, one point per touchdown, two seven min halves, and a two min halftime break. The first round bye was given to the first registered team. Baked Bean Blowouts got the first round bye, for that matter of pre-registration.

The tournament was very competitive and hard fought by all teams. It came down to two teams for the championship. Wheel & Deal vs The Ducks was  for the trophy. That game was really tightly contested, but Wheel & Deal came out victorious. After the tournament concluded, Wheel & Deal hoisted their trophy and got a team photo with Shannon and her event helpers. Shannon was greatly appreciated for the teams that benefited this event.

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