Hilbert Program to Provide Financial Support for Students

Applications are now open for the Student Emergency Relief Fund which is offering support for students who are facing financial barriers.

The fund, which is supported by the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation, will assist students with a helping hand toward necessities that impact their ability to learn. This was created despite COVID hardships and is open to any Hilbert student that is looking for help with non-educated related expenses.

Jeff Papia, Vice President of Mission Integration & Campus Ministry, said that there are students that struggle being able to afford necessities that are essential toward becoming victorious scholars.

“We’re trying to assist students with food, transportation, utilities, rent or any other need that may crop up that prevents their ability to be successful here at Hilbert,” Papia said.

Students being able to receive support now is greatly important as there are many barriers that hold them back from being able to reach their full potential. This fund is unique as those that are awarded this money can use it toward weakening their financial strife.

“The emergency fund was established to assist students with things that are not related to tuition or books,” Papia said.

 Being able to get ahead on next month’s rent or not worry about bus fees can help students remain focused on their education goals.

“What we know here at Hilbert is that very often what prevents a student from being successful in the classroom often has nothing to do with the classroom. It is issues at home related to transportation, financial pressures related to rent or cost of living, childcare, those things that are sort of outside of the classroom that have a significant impact on life inside the classroom,” said Papia.

Just like many other funds, this one has a certain amount to distribute to applicants who are looking to receive help.

“There is a finite amount within the fund and for that reason we try to maximize our ability to support students by establishing a certain criteria and process to distribute the funds in the most equitable and diverse way possible,” Papia said.

Hilbert applied for this grant before the pandemic struck a year ago, only to realize how important it is now that applications are open. “The pandemic has only made so many of these emergencies more prominent and dire. It is being offered regardless of COVID-19, but because COVID is here it only makes it more necessary,” said Papia.

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