Journalism Camp: Nonprofit News Grows

by Duncan Schiff

The Newspaper, a declining art, being taken over by Electronic based media.

According to the pew Research center, the circulation of daily paper circulation was 24.3 million, Sunday being 25.8, in 2020, a drop of about 6% for both. For Electronic news, daily circulation has gone up 27%, while Sunday’s have gone up 26%. Many newspapers stand defiant, still running their papers, still making news on other platforms, and still helping the people.

The Investigative Post is a Watchdog journalism press exclusively, one of the current 330 non-profit newsrooms in America, revealing private and governmental scandals affecting people.

For example, the Investigative Post’s reporting caused Mayor Byron Brown to start dealing with the lead crisis in the city, in which lead in homes and buildings have been poisoning children for decades. Jim Heaney, the executive director of the news outlet, is determined to undermine shady political and private goals.  It has come under heavy flak, especially from those the outlet has investigated. They were accused of systematic racism by Brown, though, according to Heaney, they have done more help for the African American communities of Buffalo than the mayor. “He refused to answer, instead attacking me and Investigative Post, saying we’re guilty of ‘systemic racism,’” Heaney said. “He went on and on, in an unhinged kind of way.”

They continue to defy the decline of papers, as well as the harassments by those they cover.

The Buffalo News is a large daily newspaper, based in downtown Buffalo. It was originally a Sunday paper, formed in 1873. By late 1880, it began selling daily newspapers as well, and by 1914, it was fully a daily newspaper.

It delivers papers to much of Western New York, as well as Ontario, alongside some in Wyoming and Pennsylvania. In Early 2020, the News was sold to Lee Enterprises. It was believed by many that the news would collapse multiple times, yet it is still reporting on and printing the news, those times mainly being the great depression and the news being sold. It has many prominent members, most notably Adam Zyglis, the Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist. Members of the news have in total been nominated seven times, winning four Pulitzers.

Though in an inevitable decline, newspapers are still informing the public, much to the anger of disgruntled politicians.

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