Journalism Camp: Hit and Run

Editorial Note: This story was produced as part of a mock exercise. There has been no accident at Hilbert College

by Duncan Schiff

A student was struck by a car in a hit and run at Hilbert College Monday.

At 9:15, an unnamed female student at Hilbert was struck by a maroon Honda CRV, owned by an unnamed University of Buffalo student with no known affiliations to Hilbert. At the scene, a blue life preserver was found on the hood, as well as a hockey stick on the ground about a foot away from the victim. Police have released no further information.

“The driver, described as a white male, approximately 6 feet tall, fled on foot, leaving the vehicle behind in the parking lot” Joseph LaRosa, assistant director of Hilbert Campus Safety, said at a press conference.

A witness attempted to give chase, but gave up after the driver got too far into the woods. The victim is possibly the witness’s friend, a student from Amherst. It is believed to not have been intentional, but that may change as the police investigation progresses. Hamburg Police and the Erie County Sheriff’s office with helicopter and k9 units are searching for the perpetrator at the moment.

Curiously, LaRosa, claimed medical service and campus security arrived immediately on scene, but even nearly 5 hours later, medical service operators were not on scene. The student in question was still there, baking on asphalt under a white sheet, with LaRosa refusing to comment further than this after being pressed. “I can’t answer that. That’s something you’d need to talk to emergency medical.”

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