Profile: Sarah Bauch

Sarah Bauch joined the Hilbert community this summer when she came on as the graduate coordinator for campus involvement, one of several positions filled recently in the office of residence life.

Sarah graduated from Niagara University with her Bachelor’s in Business Management and is getting her Master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Buffalo State College.

Even though she has only been at Hilbert for a short time, Bauch is very happy to be here, she said.

“I’m excited to be able to bridge the gaps in this area and make a lot of good connections with students here at Hilbert,” Bauch said. “I would love to see student involvement ramp up, and for more students to feel at home here.”

Bauch noticed there is a big need for student guidance and assistance within the area of Residence Life. Sarah Bauch’s office is located in Trinity Hall behind the front desk, she said.

“If a student has any room issues, key issues, roommate conflicts or mental health issues, or just want to say hi, they can come see me,” she added.

So, what do the students think of these new changes? Brandon Kottwitz, a student worker who is very involved here on campus said he thinks the new hires are doing a great job.

“I feel that the new staffing changes within the Residence Life department are allowing for new and creative ideas to be implemented within housing,” Kottwitz said. “The new staff is amazing and already well known by the resident population.”

Brandon is not only a resident here on campus, but an active part of the Residence Life team.

“For Residence Life I mainly work in the Trinity Mailroom,” he said. “When working I am tasked with obtaining student packages from the Switchboard, logging and labeling student packages in our system and making sure the correct student is getting their mail or package. Other part of that job includes doing various tasks that the Residence Life department need done.”

Students are encouraged to stop by Trinity Hall to meet the members of the Residence Life team so they can familiarize themselves with staff who are here to help answer any residential questions and to get all the news about events that are happening around campus. Bauch really wants to be able to get to know each and every student in Residence Life, she said.

“I have an open-door policy, come see me if there is anything you need, or you just want to chat.”

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