Spirit Week at Hilbert

Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to get into the spirit than to participate in spirit week? The Office of Student Involvement is hosting a fun week leading up to Halloween for all students – commuters and residents – to participate in. Each day will be filled with fun activities to show your Halloween spirit. Candy will be available at every corner for students to take as they please.

Halloween spirit week events include:

-Dressing up in your Halloween Costume for classes

– Pumpkin painting

-Halloween Horror Video Game Night

-Halloween Dance

Felix Malave, a resident and student worker for the Office of Student Involvement said he is excited for the horror video game night.

“There will be a horror game on each TV for students to be able to come in and try out whatever game interests them,” he said.

The games available to be played are Clock Tower, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Dead by Daylight.

“We are hoping to have all PlayStation and Xbox controllers available for use, if we have limited controllers, students will have to share and take turns playing games.” Malave said.  

Malave wanted to work for student involvement because he saw a need for more student participation around campus.

“I just hope students see the work we have tried to put into the events in order for everyone to be able to come and do what interests them.” he said.

Graduate Coordinator of Campus Involvement, Jhada Hutchinson said there are a variety of activities to give everyone an opportunity to get involved.

“We will do a costume contest, food, drinks and dancing,” Hutchinson said.

Dances have always been a student favorite here at Hilbert and what is more fun than doing the Monster Mash with a bunch of friends? “For pumpkin painting we are planning on painting ceramic pumpkins with cider and donuts.” she said.

Students are encouraged to check the Hilbert Involvement Instagram for updates on programming or stop down to the Student Life Office located in Franciscan Hall.

Spirit week events:

Monday October 25th– Dress up in your Halloween costume for classes- all day

Tuesday October 26th– Pumpkin painting- destination and time TBD

Wednesday October 27th– Horror video game night in the Hawkade time TBD

Thursday October 28th– Haunted Halls event cancelation- new event TBD

Friday October 29th– Halloween Dance location 7pm – 10pm

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