Hilbert Kicks Off Semester with Welcome Week

As students return to campus this week they will have many opportunities to mingle with other students and get comfortable with the campus.

The Hilbert Office of Student Involvement has organized a slate of activities for new and returning students throughout the week in an effort to help students settle into the semester.

Alex Gill, the school’s Director of Student Involvement, said he hopes students will take advantage of the opportunities set up by his office to get to know other students and get involved on campus.

“I hope that welcome week gives students the chance to create community with new and old friends,” Gill said. “I hope they are able to see how welcoming and open-minded the Hilbert community is while discovering new and different ways to express themselves.” 

Welcome week activities include:

Gill said he also sees this as an opportunity to reach out to students and let them know that they can help his office plan events throughout the semester.

“We have a lot of fun planned for this semester, but we are always open to new ideas,” he said. “If students are interested in planning, organizing, and implementing events, I would suggest that they get involved in the Campus Activities Board and different clubs or organizations on campus. We are so excited for this year, and we can’t wait to see the many different ways that our students get involved.”

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