Hilbert Community Gets Back Into Rhythm

Class is back in session for the Fall 2022 semester at Hilbert College and students, staff and teachers are all getting back into the rhythm of campus life.

Students and professors said they have mixed feelings about getting back into their school routines as the semester kicks off.

Graduate student Mia Loschiavo is a bit stressed starting off this semester but is excited to start her new journey in the graduate program.

“I am super happy to be back at Hilbert,” Loschavio said. “I am obviously overwhelmed and a little stressed out starting graduate school, but I know it will all work out in the end and I am excited to be a part of such a great program with great friends.”

The first day of undergraduate classes took placed on Monday, August 29th and graduate classes started Saturday, September 3rd.

Professor Colleen Kumiega had a lot of advice to give students starting off the semester.

“These are the best days you’ll remember,” she said. “Trust the plan. you never know the people you meet or the paths you cross and where they may lead you or how they may influence you.”

The Hilbert Community makes quite an impact on students from a personal and educational standpoint.

Grace Boyd is a student who recognizes the impact Hilbert has made on her education and is excited to

start her final year at Hilbert, she said.

“After a much-needed summer vacation, I am eager to enter my fourth year here at Hilbert College,” Boyd said. “Although this fall may be much different than previous years, I am excited to continue my collegiate career as well as build onto my preexisting knowledge I’ve gotten from Hilbert.”

Getting involved on campus and creating meaningful relationships throughout your college career can help you in your future.

“Life comes around full circle, so make an impact and touch everyone’s lives you cross. Find meaning in the relationships you build as they will be of support for you in your future endeavors,” said Kumiega.

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