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As Semester Comes to a Close Students Reflect on their Time at Hilbert

The end to the Fall 2022 semester is quickly approaching and some students are preparing to graduate while others are looking forward to Winter break.

Senior Gabrielle Jansen is wrapping up her final assignments of the semester as she gets ready to graduate in a few weeks. She encouraged students to take advantage of as many of the opportunities that Hilbert offers as possible during their time in college.

“I’m excited to finish and move on to the next chapter of my life,” Jansen said. “It will be quite a change to not be on campus every day.”

The college will host one more sporting event before the campus closes for break.

The men’s and women’s basketball teams are scheduled to play Friday December 16th. The women will face Buffalo State at 5pm and the men will face Hiram at 7pm, both at Hafner Recreation Center.

Resident Assistant Abigail Dent encourages the resident student to look out for move out instructions before leaving campus for Winter break.

“I recommend going to your floor meetings and follow proper move out procedures and we can’t wait to see everyone again in the spring,” said Dent.

Twenty-four-hour quiet hours are now in effect in all of the residence halls up until hall closing Wednesday December 20th at noon. Students are asked to return their keys to Trinity Hall before leaving campus for break.

Student Angelo DiNizo says he’s excited for break but is looking forward to next semester.

“With the semester coming to a close, everyone including myself is racing to the finish line to complete our last finals and assignments of the semester. It’s a bittersweet feeling to end this semester, since I’ll miss the relationships I’ve built with other students and faculty on campus, but I’m excited to spend some time with my family since I’m six hours away from home,” said DiNizo. “I’m excited for next semester and I hope to get out as much as I put into my studies by the time I graduate from Hilbert to become the best version of myself and be prepared to start my life ahead.”

As many students are looking forward to break, some will be completing their final chapter at Hilbert College and will be reminiscing on the memories they’ve made and the experiences they’ve had here.

“Hilbert College is truly a great institution that provided me with a lot of great memories and knowledge. The professors here are like no other. They really care about you and want to see you reach your goals. I know I’m going to miss this place once I graduate,” Jansen said. “Once a Hawk, always a Hawk.”

Hilbert Cheer Celebrates a Successful Fall

Hilbert College’s cheerleading team has been working hard throughout the last few months to support the football and basketball teams at their games.

Julia Dombrowski a cheer team member, said she enjoys the camaraderie the team has built throughout the semester.

“A favorite part for me is having everyone come together and getting closer as friends which help our stunts improve too from everyone working together as a team,” she said.

Since Hilbert Athletics fall under division III, the cheer team is equally present for both, men and women’s games.

The girls have been practicing four times per week as of now where they work on cheers, stunts, creative time-outs, and a halftime dance.

“It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get where we want to be,” said Krista Stephany, another team member. “It doesn’t just happen over night.”

The team holds try-outs for anyone who is interested and being a part of the semester. The team does not require past experience. The team, as of now, has a cap of 15 people, as there are only 15 uniforms available.

The three team captains, Dombrowski, Stephany and Kat Pappas explain how they help the team lead practice and focus on getting everyone on the same rhythm.

Pappas says she’s enjoyed seeing the team strengthen their bonds with one another.

“Watching the team change from freshman year until senior year and seeing how much everyone has connected is my favorite part about this team,” Pappas said.

Due to funding shortages, the cheerleading team does not currently fall under Hilbert Athletics. They are student government funded which means they also are expected to follow student government regulations. However, they are really trying to be under athletics in the near future.

The team hopes to hold their first cheer clinic this upcoming February for anyone interested. This clinic is a great fundraising opportunity for the team.

Head coach Colleen Kumiega says she’s extremely proud of the girls and wishes people would take it more seriously and give them the credit they deserve.

“These girls are my spirit. They give me the energy and enthusiasm to live the cheerleading life that I missed myself. I am literally so proud of them,” Kumiega said. “They work so hard day in and day out and people don’t take it as seriously as an athletic sport as it really should be.”

Q&A: Senior Soccer Player Gabriel Flewellyn

Gabriel Flewellyn, a senior athlete at Hilbert, has been playing sports for as long as he can remember, starting around age four.

His father, Steven Flewellyn, was his soccer team’s coach for a few years which ultimately helped him acquire passion for soccer. Throughout Flewellyn’s athletic career thus far he has played the following sports: soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming, hockey, track and field, cross country, football, and lacrosse. He currently is playing soccer and his position is outside back (defense). The Scribe recently got a chance to interview him about his athletic career while at Hilbert.

The Scribe: What got you into sports?

Gabriel Flewellyn: I’ve been doing sports as long as I can remember and I started really young. It was something I did with my father. He was my coach for a lot of it and my older brother and I got to play a lot together. It was almost family time and friend time because I got to spend time with my father, brother, and friends all at the same time.

TS: What sports you’ve played at Hilbert:

GF: I’ve played soccer my whole time at Hilbert and two seasons of lacrosse.

TS: Why did you commit to play soccer at Hilbert:

GF: I committed to Hilbert mainly for academics, but I was also recruited by the coach at the time and it was the sport I played the longest and I’ve enjoyed playing that the most of all sports so I had to stick with it.

TS: What made you decide to play lacrosse also?

GF: I met some guys from the team and started hanging out with them. I had no intention in playing until they kind of convinced me to play lacrosse. After they started having some captains practices, they gave a stick and some pads and I started practicing every night in the gym. Sometimes we’d blast music and the other guys would come and wed have a throw-around. They were like mentors to me and eventually I got to tryouts and made the team. I won’t be playing this year since I graduate in December and will no longer be here for the spring sports season.

TS: What was your biggest takeaways from being a Hilbert athlete:

GF: I guess just the importance of the biggest relationships you make. You can get some lifelong friendships and learn a lot from the other guys. You have a bunch of people from different places and mindsets and it’s nice to see them. You learn a lot about other people and how to relate and interact with them. That locker room mentality is a unique experience.

TS: How would you say the soccer team has progressed since your first year playing at Hilbert?

GF: Easily I think it’s the mindset. This year everyone’s goal is winning for each other. We all share the same mindset and you never feel like you’re out of a game. Our first game we were down like 3-0 and we came back and it was amazing. In another game everyone kind of thought we were out of the game, but we took them into overtime and came back and beat them. Everyone’s constantly working as hard as they can for one another, in practice, on the field. Someone might get injured or goes down on the field but they’ll fight through it. They’ll do what they can until they can’t do it anymore, it’s sweet.

TS: What’s this season looking like this year?

GF: The team is really recognizing its potential and really leading us to a great start and leading us to have a sense of optimism once conference games starts, positive momentum is a good way to put it.

TS: How have sports impacted your life?

GF: Sports have become a passion of mine, whether it been playing, working out to relive stress, or even just watching them with my father or friends. It’s really given me to something to be passionate about. It even gave me an outlet for having a new hobby of creating my own podcast. I love playing sports because they give me time to work out and have some social time. In my free time I just go to the gym, burn steam, and hit some weights when I’m stressed.

You can check out Flewellyn’s podcast on Apple Music or Spotify called Extra Points. It’s a football oriented podcast that covers NFL and college football.

Hilbert Community Gets Back Into Rhythm

Class is back in session for the Fall 2022 semester at Hilbert College and students, staff and teachers are all getting back into the rhythm of campus life.

Students and professors said they have mixed feelings about getting back into their school routines as the semester kicks off.

Graduate student Mia Loschiavo is a bit stressed starting off this semester but is excited to start her new journey in the graduate program.

“I am super happy to be back at Hilbert,” Loschavio said. “I am obviously overwhelmed and a little stressed out starting graduate school, but I know it will all work out in the end and I am excited to be a part of such a great program with great friends.”

The first day of undergraduate classes took placed on Monday, August 29th and graduate classes started Saturday, September 3rd.

Professor Colleen Kumiega had a lot of advice to give students starting off the semester.

“These are the best days you’ll remember,” she said. “Trust the plan. you never know the people you meet or the paths you cross and where they may lead you or how they may influence you.”

The Hilbert Community makes quite an impact on students from a personal and educational standpoint.

Grace Boyd is a student who recognizes the impact Hilbert has made on her education and is excited to

start her final year at Hilbert, she said.

“After a much-needed summer vacation, I am eager to enter my fourth year here at Hilbert College,” Boyd said. “Although this fall may be much different than previous years, I am excited to continue my collegiate career as well as build onto my preexisting knowledge I’ve gotten from Hilbert.”

Getting involved on campus and creating meaningful relationships throughout your college career can help you in your future.

“Life comes around full circle, so make an impact and touch everyone’s lives you cross. Find meaning in the relationships you build as they will be of support for you in your future endeavors,” said Kumiega.