Hilbert IT Working to Improve WiFi Access

It has been difficult for for some students to access Hilbert’s wireless service as more students, and devices, have come to campus in recent semesters.

But new access points will be added to the residence halls “between fall and spring break when everybody’s home”, said Chief Information Officer Jeremy Trumble.  

There have been several challenges the Hilbert IT team has had to deal with. Outdated technology with a combination of the residence halls at capacity has made Wi-Fi a top priority for them.  

The residence halls average “4 devices per student” which “stresses our infrastructure” said Trumble. 

New, upgraded access points were ordered for the entire campus this summer but due to “delays in the supply chain,” only fifteen have arrived. The ones that arrived were added to the academic buildings. “Paczesny and Bogel Hall have been completely revamped with new wireless” Trumble added.  

The next priority is the residence halls. After this, the remainder of the campus, even outdoor spaces. New access points will allow students and staff to connect better with devices and have a faster, stronger, more secure connection. Before this year, there was a limit of sixty-four access points on campus which has been upgraded to an unlimited amount. 

Freshman Beckham Blair acknowledged the improvements in Wi-Fi in the academic buildings since the beginning of the year. Blair said there has been a “noticeable difference” in performance since the access points have been added. Blair lives in the residence halls and says that it has been a “struggle” so far.  

The new access points should help accommodate students that are having issues with connection. IT is focusing on one thing at a time, as access points are received, it will keep improving the connection for students and staff. 

This is a big step for the campus, Trumble said.

“This will help us meet the needs of the increase in devices and our students.” 

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