Media Club Helps Students Hone Skills

New school, new opportunities to get involved with clubs. For all you DMAC majors, check out the Digital Media Club.

The Digital Media Club is for DMAC (Digital Media And Communication) students to try and really get involved with their majors.

According to one of the members, Kenny Trometer, Media club is, “basically a club, where students from around campus, come together, and work on movie projects, journalism projects, podcasts, music. Pretty much anything to deal with digital media.”

When it comes to what the club is providing for students in the DMAC program, it really provides students with tapping into their skills and finding their true potential in their field.

“It provides experience that they’ll need for the future,” Trometer said. “Say for example, if you want to get in the broadcasting business, we’ll provide you more experiences and more time to practice with the tools. As a result, You’ll better understand your major, and what you want to do.”

With college, students are looking to gain that experience to be put onto their portfolio. This is a way for business and companies see what the student has done and what they can provide the company. When it comes to the Digital Media Club, they can help students with not only creating one, but helping them add to it.

“Yeah. Stuff like sports games, take some pictures, interview with the coaches; Start your own business, or freelance for a couple of local newspapers. Make movies, put that into a festival, that’s what we’re going to do here in the spring” says Club treasurer and member, Jamal Harris.

Student under the DMAC program, they can go on to have successful careers, which is what the club has experienced with. Harris said.

“Yeah, I couldn’t give any specifics, but I believe so.”

Clubs usually have a goal for students, and with this one; Eric Stevens, the head of the club, has his goal for the club.

“The major goal for me, is to create stuff,” he said. “Basically, having a creative outlet for people to do things that they want to do. So, a chance for them to explore music, art, video production. Give people a place to be creative because what I’ve seen, none of the other clubs right now, seem to do that. It’s mainly just, kind of regular activities going on, not really any creative type media.”

“Also, to teach people how to do things that they want to do. Offering an opportunity for anyone to be creative,” he added.

So, for any DMAC majors wanted to be free to create an opportunity for them, this club is a perfect place for students to enjoy for everyone.

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