Offense Performs Well Despite the Loss to the Hiram Terriers

Hiram, O.H. – The Hilbert Hawks had some jaw-dropping plays despite their 27-59 loss against the Hiram Terriers on November 5, including a one-handed catch, angry run, and two deep passes, all resulting in touchdowns.

The Hiram Terriers started off hot, scoring their first five drives of the game. Despite the solid quarterback pressure by the defensive line, Hiram quarterback Xavier Reyero was able to avoid it, passing for three touchdowns in the first quarter. The rushing attack was also a challenge for the Hawks, with 279 rushing yards and three total rushing touchdowns on the day.

Arguably the top two offensive performers of the day for Hilbert were quarterback Nicholas Rinkers and wide receiver Quincey Bishop. Rinkers was 15-24 and had 369 total passing yards to finish the day. Bishop was one of the top receivers on the Hawks offense with two deep touchdown receptions, the first being 34-yards and the other 29-yards. Bishop finished with 63-total receiving yards.

The Hawks found themselves down 42-0 in the second quarter, until freshman wide receiver Andre Augustiniak made an incredible one-handed catch and running 58-yards for a touchdown on second-down and six. This play brought some life to the Hawks offense that lasted the rest of the game. The Hawks primarily found success through screen passes and the deep-ball when the defense gave them the open field.

Later in the third quarter, the Hawks scored another touchdown when freshman Tight End Ja’Heim Virgil caught a 34-yard deep pass and trucked a defender to get in the end-zone. Virgil made an “angry runs” type of play and made sure he scored on that opportunity to put the Hawks at 13-52.  

Defensively, the two Hawks who had an impact were Linebackers Taivaughn Roach and Nicholas Maines. Roach had eight total tackles on the day while Maines had seven and two tackles for a loss of 8-yards. Another named mentioned frequently throughout the broadcast was defensive end Clifford Zeigler, who was applying some pressure on Hiram’s offensive line, and finished with four total tackles on the day, with two of them being for a loss of 14-yards.

With the fall sports season ending, the Hilbert Hawks will play the Wittenberg Tigers for the final game of their inaugural season on November 12 at 1PM.

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