Hilbert Enters Academic Advising

Hilbert is currently halfway through the semester which means it is time for academic advising. Academic advising is where students meet with their advisor to make their schedule for the upcoming semester.

During this process, advisors are here to guide students in making the best possible schedule to ensure they are on track. Students should meet with their advisors sometime between the last two weeks of October in order to be prepared for registration. Students unaware of how to schedule a meeting with their advisor should email them or stop by their office to see if there is a sign-up sheet. After students meet with their advisor, they will be approved for registration which will begin November 2nd.

Registration can be done through Self Service on the assigned day for each class level. To register for Spring classes, the academic advising process is necessary so it’s best to contact your advisor soon.

Kameron Milton, sophomore student at Hilbert College studying Cybersecurity, said the academic advisement process is helpful to him.

“Academic advising teaches me about how my classes work and the easiest way to graduate. It makes the process of making your schedule a lot easier and stress free. Also, my advisor is very helpful because she gives me resources to succeed in school”, said Milton.

Milton gave a couple of tips to any students who haven’t done this process yet.

“My number one tip is to look at your major map before your meeting, so you have an idea on what classes you need to take. Also, it’s best for you to try and get this process done as soon as possible so you can register on time.”

Mary Ann Hobar, chair of the Forensic Science/CSI department and advisor, said there are a lot of things she likes about academic advising.

“What I like the most about academic advising is getting to meet and know the students, finding out what careers they are interested in, explaining internships that are available, answering whatever questions they may have and helping them stay on track with the courses they need”, said Hobar.

Hobar also mentions that academic advising is beneficial for both students and the advisors.

“They have the opportunity to ask questions about specific classes in our program and what is required for them”, said Hobar.

She also adds that students are able to make a schedule that works best for them whether they are athletes, commuters, dorm students or have jobs.

Located on the Hilbert website there is a pre-advisement checklist that students can print and fill out before their meeting. A link for this checklist will be provided below. The checklist is helpful to students because it prepares them before meeting with their advisor.

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