Men’s Volleyball prepares for its Upcoming Season

The Men’s Volleyball Program was reformed in the Spring of 2020 and has slowly started to find success that it had back when it was in its first iteration.

This year the team is coming off a three-win season and hoping to add more. The season does not officially start until January, but they are starting Fall Ball in November. The team is looking much better then before with many new recruits being brought in to help make the team better.

The team is coached by Calvin Crosby who besides being the Men’s coach, is the women’s volleyball coach as well. Mr. Crosby is very confident in this team’s ability next season, he said,

“With the new recruits coming in and the returners all coming back I can see this team winning double digit games this season.” Crosby said. “I am really expecting a lot from this team this year, as we continue to grow as a program.”

With the season not starting until January this Fall “season” is going to be used to make sure the team is ready for the actual season to start. The next few seasons look really good for them as they look to make a name for themselves at Hilbert.

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