Women’s Basketball Looks Forward to Upcoming Season

The Lady Hawks are excited about their prospects in the upcoming basketball season.

Coming off a season in which they finished 4th in the conference standings and hosted a home playoff game which they ended up losing 60-68, they are looking to improve on last years disappointing end to the season.

Head Coach Nicole Bullock said she is excited about some of the teams new additions.

“Obviously if you look at are roster now were deeper in a lot of areas but were still young,” Bullock said. “Allowing Macy and Ashley to be leaders of the group and continuing to push are newcomers to expand there game at the collegiate level.”

Macy Kisner and Ashley Schroeder have re-joined the team for their 4th and final season, both earning all-conference 3rd team honors last season.

Bullock also mentioned the newcomers who “bring a lot of energy, passion, and excitement to the game.”

“It’s just a matter of making that high school to college level transition in a timely manner,” she said. “So the quicker we can do that and allow them to still be successful with what there good at will be advantageous to us.”

The Lady Hawks have started there season off 0-2, losing close games to SUNY Oswego and Fredonia. They take on Medaille University tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Hafner.

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