Attending College While Raising Children Presents Challenges

Attending college as a parent can be extremely stressful. It may be difficult to reach deadlines, show up to class, fully focus on assignments, and so much more.

Hilbert College Student, Justine Chitwood, experiences these issues every day in her academic career. Raising three children and attending college as a Junior, she is pushing her way towards graduation because she is determined to do so.

“It is something I have struggled with for some time now,” she said. “I want the best for my family, and I am determined to make sure they do not receive any less. The key to balancing everything on my plate is time management.”

Chitwood said she has been experiencing many issues trying to balance so much on her plate, but she is pushing through because she is determined to do so.

Chitwood was also asked why she chose to go back to college after she had left the first time.

“I have always been someone who pushes for what they want,” she said. She said the decision to go back to school was difficult, but she knew she had to for her children.

Chitwood is still attending Hilbert College, but she is doing it online. She has found that balancing her schoolwork is easier when she was able to do it from home. She is working on her time management, and she hopes to make a change in her children’s lives. Being a parent and going to college is difficult, but it is not impossible.

One thought on “Attending College While Raising Children Presents Challenges”

  1. Very nice article! It isn’t easy to attend school while raising even one child, but doing it with three kids has to be tough. I’m glad you are drawing attention to this important social problem.


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