Communications Department Creates Opportunities for Students

February 21st-24th was Communications Career week here at Hilbert College.

There were many activities such as a Sports Media Panel, Filmmaking Seminar, Marketing Seminar, and more.

During this time, students had the opportunity to tour two of Buffalo’s most popular production studios, WNED/PBS and WKBW (Channel 7 News).

“The purpose of career week is to connect our students with as many industry professionals and opportunities as possible. We want to show students different avenues into the industry and give them an idea of what it is like to work in an exciting field,” said Justin Sondel, a professor of digital media and communications, and the main organizer of Communications week.

At WNED, students learned about media production including live programing, radio, talk shows, audio, camera work, and more. Upon walking into the WKBW studio, Jeff Russo, anchor and reporter, as well as sports director for Channel 7 news, Matt Bove, welcomed the students and answered many questions about working in the field of journalism.

Students also watched the live taping of the noon broadcast anchored by Hannah Buelher, and meteorologist Mary Wrobel.

Jamal Harris, a digital media and communications major who attended the trip says “The news tour was definitely interesting, glad I went on it. Just cool for me personally, the news where the reporters were and the live studio.”

This was a great opportunity for anyone with an interest in communications, media, journalism or politics.

Students were able to ask experienced professionals questions one-on-one, see behind the scenes like audio and visuals, as well as learn about the dedication it takes to embark on this career path.

Keep an eye out for other fun and informative opportunities on Hilbert Campus. You can stay informed by checking your email and the school website for weekly updates, in addition to following Hilbert on instagram.

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Check out WNED’s and WKBK’s websites for internship opportunities.

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