Hilbert to Host Matball Game

On Wednesday, April 26th, Alyssa Collier and Faith Dyet will be hosting a Mat Ball tournament program as a way for students to be physically active with fellow peers and enjoy the final weeks of the spring semester.

Sporting events allow student athletes and non-athletes to engage in and play sports, while also having fun with friends. Exercise is also an excellent method to de-stress from the demanding college experience of schoolwork, exams, among many others. 

For those who are not familiar with mat ball, it is similar to kickball. It is an indoor team game where players try to score runs by going around the bases after kicking a ball. Unlike kickball, the bases are large floor mats, and any number of players can stay on them at the same time before running to the next one. Players on defense can tag runners out by catching the ball, throwing it at the runner, or touching the players with it. Once you split up into teams and set up the field, you’re ready to compete.

This event will be taking place in the Hilbert Hafner Center at 8 p.m. There will be a QR code to sign in and sign a waiver once students arrive at the gym.

Scott Caracci, the Management Coordinator for the Hilbert College Athletics department, says this is a great way for students to get involved.

“I think that it is great that you girls are holding a mat ball game in the Hafner Center,” he said. “It will give students on campus a new opportunity to meet new people while also being active. Safety during these types of events is paramount. Having campus safety looped in and having students sign a waiver are good steps to ensuring safety for this activity”.

At the end of this event, each student that has been signed in through the QR Code will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win Hilbert Hawks apparel and accessories. Collier and Dyet are hoping that this event will not only allow students to build connections with fellow peers, but also will build individual skills such as leadership, discipline, and confidence.

Dyet, one of the students who is running this event, said that she is very excited to be hosting mat ball.

“I am grateful to anyone who decides to participate,” Dyet said. “This has taken a lot of time and planning to ensure that students are receiving interactive programs that they enjoy.”

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