Hilbert’s own directs play at 710 Main

“Wonder of the World” a comedic play written by David Lindsay-Abaire, premiered at 710 Main Theatre on Thursday, September 15th. Hilbert’s own Taylor Doherty, a theatre professor, and member of the Buffalo Laboratory Theatre, was the director of the production.

“Wonder of the World” follows Cass Harris, an out-spoken woman who sets out of a journey of self-discovery after leaving her husband. She meets Lois, an unconcerned woman who suffers as an alcoholic, which causes her to be suicidal. The play follows them as they make their way to Niagara Falls—an iconic landmark much of our Hilbert students know, where Lois plans to go overboard. Audience watch as these unique characters interact with new people who seem to be up to no good. Eventually, these women come to their senses, realizing that running away from their issues isn’t the answer.

Students went to see the production for Professor Doherty as a class requirement. Kashya Williams, a junior majoring in Digital Media and Communication, had a great time at the show. She explains how her laugh could be heard across the theatre. She laughed a lot, and thought the show was very funny. When asked about who her favorite character was, Kashya answered, “The Sextuplets.” Yes, this sounds odd. But in the show, an actress played the role of six different characters, hence the character name.  In addition, Kashya defined her favorite part of the play as being when Captain Mike recalled the story of his wife, and the tragic yet ironic end she met.

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