Hilbert Hawks Women’s Hockey Partners with Beauts

Hamburg, N.Y.- Hilbert Colleges new Women’s Ice Hockey team already has an exciting start with its new partnership with the Buffalo Beauts, Buffalos professional women’s hockey team.

This is a very exciting opportunity for the athletes on both the teams, and for the students of Hilbert, coach Cole Klubek said.

“This is for our entire campus community and not just the hockey program” he said. “The partnership is great for Hilbert as it provides our students with internship and volunteer opportunities within a professional sports organization.”

Opportunities like these can have great benefits for those in the Sports Industry Management program at Hilbert College. Having some of the Beauts around will have a great impact on the players of this new team and it will show throughout the season, Klubek added.

“It is a great reminder to our players that there are potential playing and operational opportunities in professional hockey after college which will be very motivational for some.”

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