Casablanca’s 75th Anniversary

By Ryan Zunner

Classic movie fans got to “play it again” earlier this month, with “it” being the legendary film Casablanca (1942). The cinematic masterpiece starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman celebrates it’s 75th anniversary this month, and to mark the occasion, the film was re-released in select theaters across the country.Continue Reading

H-Files TBT: Memories of Griffis

By Amanda Figueroa

Griffis Sculpture Park was featured in an article from Volume 3 Issue 7 of The H-Files; the former Hilbert College student newspaper. In the article by Lindsey Rae Opie, the park was described as “one of the most beautiful and mysterious attractions of Western New York.”Continue Reading

The New Face of Student Activities

By Corey Boice

A new Director of Student Activities, Jessica Todd, was appointed this year at Hilbert.  Todd is a former graduate assistant for campus safety and campus life at Daemen College. She is young, ambitious, and working to create engaging and inclusive campus activities for the student body here at Hilbert College.Continue Reading

An Interview with Picking Cotton Author Jennifer Thompson-Cannino

By Tyler O’Neill

Jennifer Thompson-Cannino is an advocate for judicial reform as well as a member of the North Carolina Actual Innocence Commission. Jennifer is one of the authors in Picking Cotton, a rape survivor, and a mother of three.Continue Reading

Hilbert Writers Attend Buffalo Association of Black Journalists Conference

By Kashyah Williams and Ryan Zunner

On October 14, Digital Media and Communication Journalism students, Kashyah Williams, Ryan Zunner, and Jennifer Roback were given the opportunity by DMAC division chair, Professor Chris Gallant, to attend the Buffalo Association of Black Journalists conference luncheon at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. The conference keynote speaker was Les Trent, television correspondent from Inside Edition.Continue Reading