Good Eats: Chef’s


by Brandon Zicari

Towards the end of the semester my roommates and I have made it a tradition to go out to a higher quality restaurant and have dinner. It is at this dinner where we discuss upcoming finals, how the semester has gone, and the plans for future events. This year we chose to go to an Italian restaurant named Chefs, located on Seneca Street. in the city of Buffalo. They are known for their variety of pastas and overall great food. The restaurant is large with a very unique layout. When you walk in there is a huge window where you can see into the kitchen where a team of cooks are rapidly putting out food. We went on a Saturday night so the restaurant was very busy. We had reservations, so my roommates and I got a table right away.

Once we sat down the waiter was very welcoming and brought us out bread and water. The bread was freshly baked and was served with a homemade oil to dip it in. Having been to Chefs before I knew what I wanted to order. I got the spaghetti parm which in essence is a plate of spaghetti but with a lot of cheese melted on the top. The parmesan and mozzarella cheese is melted on top to create another layer which complements the taste of the spaghetti. On the side came two meatballs which were cooked perfectly. They came out very hot at first but once they cooled they were one of my favorite parts.

Overall the experience at Chefs was positive. Even though they were very busy the service didn’t falter. The ambience of the place created a great dining experience. This was the first time my roommates had been and they left very satisfied. I would recommend Chef’s to anyone who enjoys Italian food or just want a good meal.

Event: Art for Life

by Danielle Tomaka

Photos by Mary Kate Wirfel

Students in Don Vincent’s Com 460 class held their Art For Life fundraiser in the West Herr Atrium last week to raise money for S.P.U.D.S. (Suicide Prevention and Understanding Different Signs). Art For Life had live music by Ryan Zunner; another member who ran the event; an art exhibit, snacks, and a Chinese Auction.

“We got a lot of donations from a lot of local companies, and a lot of paintings from several local artists who are in school and out of school, Amanda Mituzas, and event organizer, said, “It was all for a good cause for suicide prevention.”

The event had a favorable turnout, raising $320 to donate to the charity. Students were pleased to have been able to help this non-profit organization. “Our turn out was really great, way better than I expected, especially for a small school,” Mituzas said. “Thank you to everyone who donated to put the event in motion and donated to the cause.”

Farewell Hilbert


by Mary Kate Wirfel

It is hard to believe that in a few weeks I will be saying goodbye to my home of six years. At the same time also not surprising that my time as an undergrad here at Hilbert College is ending. The time flew buy so fast what was supposed to be four long years turned into six fast ones.

I remember when I first came here in 2013 I was a scared shy freshmen that did not want to associate with anyone or anything. I wanted to be by myself and do my own thing. I was afraid that people would bully me for being myself considering high school was not a very fun experience for me. Being here at Hilbert changed that for me. Throughout the years, I became more social and joined more clubs and groups here on campus. I finally found people who accepted me for who I really was.

During my time, here at Hilbert College I was involved in many clubs on campus. First was Hilbert Horizons, the schools literary magazine, as I love creative writing, art and photography. For two years, I was in charge of being the layout editor. I put the magazine together with the help from the other members in the group and when the final product was, shown to the school, I felt very proud of what I had made and accomplished.

When I interned for Matt Height here at Hilbert College I was; introduced to so many events and clubs. Interning here at Hilbert was easier for me do to my struggles with anxiety. I felt at the time interning at a news station would be too overwhelming.  I got involved with the Campus activities board (CAB) as well as the Student Government Association (SGA). My job was to take photos and make photo galleries of the events that happened on campus. Photography is something I enjoy doing and I want the world to see my art form. By doing this internship for the Marketing department here at Hilbert not only did the school get to see my art, the community got to as well.

Being, silenced by people for speaking out and giving my opinions was something I have dealt with my entire life.  I wanted people to hear my voice so with that motive I joined Hawk Radio.  I was able to get my own radio show on Hilbert’s radio station; the show was; titled 10 at Noon. I would play 10 random songs then give my opinions on politics, news and sports. Some people didn’t agree with what I was saying but I really didn’t care. By being a part of Hawk radio, I finally had a voice. I even made up my own DJ name I called myself DJ MK7. I don’t know how I came up with the name it was just a thought.

Another way I could express my voice and give my opinions on things was by joining the college’s newspaper. What started out as the H-Files print paper turned into the Scribe Online. At first, the Horizons members ran the paper. Then when I first participated in the Journalism class with Professor Dan Higgins, he taught us by his experience how to become a better writer and a news reporter as well as using your voice. During my first time on the Hilbert Scribe, I broke out of my shy shell and went to events off campus. During 2016 the anticipated Presidential election campaigns was going on. I went to the Hillary Clinton Rally as well the Bernie Sanders rally. Both experiences helped me gain confidence to go places without worry. I decided to take more independent studies, with the Scribe because I wanted to continue to advance my writing skills and give my opinion so people can hear my voice and read the things that I believe in. I also wanted to continue to take photos of events at Hilbert so people can see my photography as well. By seeing, the events on Hilbert’s campus students know what the school has to offer.

My time here at Hilbert College may be ending but it is a new beginning and start for several students. As this chapter of my life closes, I have to say thank you to the College that shaped me into the person I am today. I was able to help organizations and not for profits such as Campus House and Sadie’s Safe Harbor. I was able to go places and see people who I never thought I would see. I was able to meet new people and make new friends. I was also able to meet several local news reporters and several other famous people that I never thought I would talk too. I am a different person now in 2018 than I was in 2013. All I have left to say is farewell Hilbert College. Thank You for the past six years.

Penny Pinching: Saving on Christmas


by Danielle Tomaka

It’s often said that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the most expensive. Christmas shopping can be time consuming and can get costly. If you’re like me and get too generous with purchasing more gifts than you actually need, there are several precautions you can take to help budget your finances. Follow these 5 easy steps to make a budget plan:

  1. Make a list. Make a list of people you need to get gifts for.
  2. Set a spending limit. Find out how much money you have to work with. Divide it however you feel necessary.
  3. Make a shopping list. Going off of your list and spending limit, write down what you want to get for each person, within that limit of course. If you can, buy a combined gift. It’s much cheaper to buy one gift for your parents than two separate gifts.
  4. Do your research. Now that you have a shopping list made, look online to see where they might have that product on sale or where you can find it the cheapest. Many stores price match as well.
  5. Keep your receipts. After purchasing your gifts, make sure that you keep your receipts and make sure that you stuck to budget plan. You never know if you have to return something for any reason.

Following these 5 steps will ensure you to have a successful Christmas shopping experience. Saving money is hard for anyone, especially college students who are on a tight budget. Don’t forget, Christmas is a time to spread peace, love, and joy. It is not about presents, though we love to give this time of year. Just remember to shop smart and enjoy your time doing it!

Study Tips: Cramming for finals


by Kaitlyn Halper

With the end of the semester around the corner, students are prepping for papers, exams and homework galore. The Scribe is here to help with a list of study techniques to help you ace your finals.

  1. Stay organized – Organize your class notes, use sticky notes, and keep flash cards. Create a calendar on what you are going to do when and stick to it.
  2. Set boundaries for yourself with technology – Cell phones and social media are very distracting, especially during finals week. When studying, put your phone to the side and focus on studying.
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute – Waiting until the last-minute hurts your ability to retain the information. Try to study for a set amount of time each day to get the best grade.
  4. Take a break – Don’t over work yourself, as that can hurt you. Take a ten-minute break every hour or so to allow yourself to recharge.
  5. Read out loud – Reading out loud helps a person retain information. Websites say to record yourself and then play it back to listen.
  6. Get enough sleep – Make sure you get enough sleep, so your brain is well rested and ready to study or take your final.
  7. Study in different locations – Research shows that studying in different locations helps you retain information.

Good luck to all Hilbert students on your last week of classes.


Remembering Stan Lee

Stan Lee

by Brandon Zicari

I was seven years old when I was introduced to the work of Stan Lee. My father took me to see the first “Spiderman” movie starring Tobey Maguire. My dad had been into the comics growing up so when another adaptation came out he made sure to take me to see it.

I became infatuated with the idea of a superhero. It was that day that I started to get into the Marvel world and read about the characters that Stan Lee had created. I loved reading about all the characters and their powers, wishing that I could have just one. Some of my favorites included Thor, Captain America, and of course Spiderman. It baffled me that one man could create so many stories that all hold the same core values.

Fast forward sixteen years and as a young adult I am still eagerly waiting for the next Marvel movie to be released. Stan Lee made these characters to show that no matter who you are or where you came from, you can be great. That message is what has turned Marvel from almost going bankrupt to one of the most prominent companies in the entertainment world.  Lee took the world for what it was and made characters that people can relate to. Each of his character balances their extreme power with human insecurities. For example Spiderman is a high school kid who balances trying to be a kid with being a superhero. He isn’t the most popular kid in school and does what he can to get his love interest to like him.

Lee began writing comics in the 1940’s for Timely Comics. He and his team were able to produce stories that resonated very well with the public. It was here that Lee created famous characters such as the Fantastic Four, The Hulk, and Iron man. As he produced more stories more fame came his way. Partnered with Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, and others they recreated their brand naming it Marvel. They continued to produce quality comics that the public could not get enough of. Lee’s comics had one aspect that made them differ at the time; each character was connected in some way. He had created a giant universe that could all correlate together allowing for cross overs that made stories even better. Readers could buy comics that had a team up between two or more superheroes which allowed for many compelling plot lines.

The idea of cross over stories is one of the main reasons Marvel is still very popular today. In 2009 Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion dollars. This was a huge step for Marvel. With Disney funding the movies they were better than ever. Since the purchase of Marvel there have been twenty movies released all interconnected with each other. This was a huge gamble because it has never been done before but with Lee’s stories Disney was able to do something historic. In 2018 the two highest grossing movies to date are “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Black Panther”. Both of these movies combined made well over two billion and brought in a lot of revenue for Disney. Overall it is easy to see why people enjoy these movies. They are fun, easy to grasp, and appeal to many demographics of people. Stan Lee wanted everyone to be able to enjoy his work. He is a role model and will forever be highly regarded in the entertainment industry.

I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic-book writer while other people were building bridges or going on to medical careers. And then I began to realize: entertainment is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Without it they might go off the deep end. I feel that if you’re able to entertain people, you’re doing a good thing. – Stan Lee       


Protect Your Paws

by Scott Peet


Winter is coming and it’s time to start thinking about protecting our smallest family members from the cold and snow. Humans may take our feet for granted from time to time, but our animals need to have special care taken to protect their paws from the weather and many deicers used on sidewalks. It is important to monitor the condition of their paw pads every time they go outside, and while many dogs are naturally protected from the cold with thick winter coats, not all breeds are quite so lucky. Here are a few helpful tips to keep your canine happy and healthy this season.

  1. Put your boots on – There are a variety of fashionable options to choose from at most pet stores and from online retailers. The first walking experience is often adorable.
  2. Trim your toes – Many breeds have extra fur between their toes which can trap ice and debris.
  3. Wash your feet- Even if your feet are clean do you like have cold wet feet all day? Use a warm washcloth or keep a small bath of water with a towel by the door.
  4. Protect with cream- You can find a number of DIY recipes for this or pick up a tin at your local pet store.
  5. Don’t forget your Jacket- While not all dogs require a coat its important to know your breed and monitor them during outside time this winter. Smaller breeds and those without significant undercoats could benefit greatly with extra protection.

For more useful tips and resources check out here 

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