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Flag Football Tournament Benefits People Inc.

When it comes to autumn, football comes to mind.  SIM 410 Sports Events and Operations put on an extraordinary event for a great cause.

Hilbert College student, Shannon Stokes ran a flag football tournament this past Saturday on campus. This event was for her class that Professor Daniel Roland teaches. The tournament ran on Saturday November 9th, from 3pm to 7pm. They used Hafner Recreation Center, for indoor play use.

“The tournament benefited People Inc.; a non-profit organization that provides services for individuals with disabilities and seniors,” said Stokes.   Professor Roland said, “The group raised $314 from the teams participated in the tournament, concession sales, and raffle baskets.

Five teams participated in this event: Baked Bean Blowouts, Wheel & Deal, Hilbert, The Ducks, and Red Raiders. The games consisted of five vs five, one point per touchdown, two seven min halves, and a two min halftime break. The first round bye was given to the first registered team. Baked Bean Blowouts got the first round bye, for that matter of pre-registration.

The tournament was very competitive and hard fought by all teams. It came down to two teams for the championship. Wheel & Deal vs The Ducks was  for the trophy. That game was really tightly contested, but Wheel & Deal came out victorious. After the tournament concluded, Wheel & Deal hoisted their trophy and got a team photo with Shannon and her event helpers. Shannon was greatly appreciated for the teams that benefited this event.

Transfer Students Play Important Role at Hilbert

Transfer students are an important part of any post-secondary institution And Hilbert College is no exception.

There are many reasons for students to transfer colleges. Whether it be a student wants to live closer to home, a student might transfer for athletic purposes, or a student might have gone to a two year program out of high school and it’s now time to move into a four year school to get a bachelor’s degree.

Growing the college is important for Hilbert College as it is not a big college to begin with as it roughly only has about 800 students attending it. Transfer students grow the school by providing a second chance at recruiting students and can lead to growing the number of people enrolled at the school.

Erika Schwegler, the associate director of admissions at Hilbert College, brings in roughly sixty transfer students per semester.

Schwegler refers to transfer students as educated consumers.

“They’ve tested out the waters and know what they want out of a school,” Schwegler said. “They have gone through it before sat another school and they understand what they want.”

Transfer students come to the school with a knowledge of what they want as they have been through it before at a previous intuition. This benefits the school because they have clear picture of how they want go about things at the next school.

“Transfer students know what they want out of life now, they want to make this last ride what they wanted out of college in the first place,” Schwegler said.

“Roughly sixty per session, although that changes depending on the year. I also might bring in more in the fall semester rather than the spring semester,” she added.

Sixty transfer students a semester is quite a number considering the small number of students the college has to begin with. If sixty are brought in each semester that would be that a large portion of the school are transfer students.

One of these transfer students is a Transfer from Erie community college named Zach Scharett.

“Basically because of the proximity to Erie (Community College),” Scharett said. “It made the most sense as I play baseball and I wanted to continue my athletic career at the college level.”

With the new field being built on campus the baseball team has been able to obtain a lot of transfer students who might have passed on Hilbert out of high school.

“The field and head coach was definitely a huge draw for me,” Scharett added.

Schwegler said transfer students do a lot for the college and it is important that the keep them coming in to grow the Hilbert Community.

“I think they (transfer students) are our best ambassadors and they are the best retention for the school,” she said.

Q&A Ian Cherico

Communication Club is a club for creative students who want to expand their knowledge, create new and interesting media, and get to know other students. Ian Cherico, a junior at Hilbert College, is the President of the club and is looking to rebrand. Communication Club has been a staple of the Digital Media and Communication community at Hilbert College for a long time, but Cherico is looking to shake things up. This past week The Scribe sat down with Cherico to discuss his upcoming plans for the club.

The Scribe: What does Communications Club do?

Ian Cherico: Com Club is the creative outlet for Hilbert College, we honestly have a wide variety of things that we do, we do film making, photography, graphic design, animation, even writing anything that falls under the digital media and communication umbrella. Having a club gets people together, we meet at least once a week and go over project ideas or housekeeping issues that need to be dealt with.

TS: What made you decide to change the clubs name?

IC: I wanted to change the clubs name to something that’s a little bit more broad and a little more accepting of the other areas of digital media and communication which communication is more of graphic design, writing, which is a form of communication as opposed to digital media which is film making, and visual effects. Stuff like that needed to be included because we didn’t just want it to be secluded to one or two forms of media we also wanted to include more people than just communication majors, and with Communication Club as an outside influence you would just see it as for communication majors. We aren’t just looking for communication majors we are looking for writers, and for anyone that is willing to help us out in anyway, so we wanted to make the name a little different to encompass that idea.

TS: What is the club planning on doing in the upcoming semester?

IC: Next semester we are going to launch a full rebrand. We are going to change our name I got the papers signed already, and we are going to get new logos and go full switch and start making new content for people to see. Hopefully new students get interested and like what we are doing and maybe they will join the club.

If you are infested in joining Communications Club email icherico@hilbert.edu

Marketing Students Conduct Focus Group

Integrated Marketing Research, taught by Professor Donald Vincent, has helped students over the semester come up with different research methods and marketing techniques that will be useful in the business world.

Vincent created a research experiment that the class would conduct as a whole. Vincent talked about how egg creams used to be popular in soda shops but have become less common today. “Fox’s U-Bet chocolate syrup used to be the most popular chocolate syrup of choice in New York City soda shops.”  This experiment was based on a brand of egg cream most people haven’t heard of before and consisted of different students and faculty at the college trying Fox’s U-Bet chocolate syrup in order to determine how it could compete with other chocolate syrup brands.

The experiment began with Vincent having a random sample of student and faculty report to the class in order to partake in the experiment. Led by Hilbert College student Ryan Zunner, all of the participants were given background information on the egg cream while they were able to try samples of the cream. Multiple questions were asked after the participants tried the samples. These questions included what they thought of the taste, if they usually buy chocolate syrup, and what usually goes into the decision process when buying chocolate syrup.

Many of the reactions from the students and faculty concluded with the drink tasting familiar to something they have had before. Other reactions stated that the drink was bubbly and tasted like sprite mixed with chocolate milk. Hannah Salazar, a Human Services major at the college had some comments about her experience with the new drink.

“It was really cool hearing about the different ingredients that were used in making the chocolate syrup and also learning about some history behind egg cream itself,” Salazar said.

Most of the students and faculty in the room said they would prefer normal chocolate syrup mix over the egg cream in the long run. The only aspect that would change what they bought as their choice of chocolate syrup in the store would be if the egg cream was healthier or if it was cheaper. Salazar also had mentioned after the experiment was over how she didn’t feel well from the drink.

“I actually have a headache now after having the drink. I think that it has to do with the mixing of carbonation and the chocolate syrup that didn’t sit well with me.”

After conducting the experiment the class gained a lot of insight on how the creation of a focus group like this one can help gather data on marketing sales. Based off the results of this experiment many people would rather have normal chocolate syrup over Fox’s U-Bet chocolate syrup that contained a mixture of egg cream and soda. The fact that students and faculty didn’t like our drink as much as normal chocolate milk gives us better insight on how it would do in a real market place setting where these type of products are sold every day. Some final insights from Vincent included how the experiment was successful and helped students learn about how focus groups are run in the business world.

“It was a great experience overall for the student’s to learn what a real life focus group study looks like.”