Women’s Soccer Notches Win Against Rival Medaille

By Nicole Plucinski

On Tuesday September 27th 2016, The Women’s Soccer team won their match against cross-town rival Medaille College, 4-0.  On Wednesday September 28th 2016, the team was very excited to be able to be the first team to place a hawk magnet on the Buffalo Cup Board before beginning practice.

The next game that the ladies face that qualifies for a hawk magenent if won is on Wednesday October 19th 2016, away against another cross town rival D’youville College beginning at 5P.M.


Meet Danielle Simmons: Starter of Never Miss

By: Breyana Laury

Danielle Simmons graduated from Hilbert College the spring of 2015 with her Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice.  Beginning January of 2017 Danielle will be attending Law School in Michigan. She has been dancing since she was 2 years old and established Hilbert College’s first dance team in September of 2012.


Q: What style of dance have you been doing?

A: I have a lot of experience in different styles of dance. I first started off doing tap but I have also done ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, Caribbean, waltz, and African dance.

Q: If you could describe Never Miss in 3 words what would they be? Why?

A: Family Orientated: Well over 30 members always had family qualities

Dedicated: Proof shown in multiple YouTube videos. Once we hit the stage we forget about everything else and kill it.

Adaptive: Open to many different events and entertainment. Willing and open to learn new dances such as modern and ballet.

Q: What inspired you to create Never Miss?

A: I would have never thought about making my own dance team once I came to Hilbert College. Leaving Performing Arts I would have never thought that I would dance again actually I just did one performance open mic by myself and then with another girl Davonna Howard and after that alumni from performing arts named Jasmine McCarter we kind of just got together and made a dance and performed it and after a lady named Ashley Goodwin a former student life coordinator of Hilbert College came to us and she inspired me to start my own dance team.

Q: How did you come up with the name Never Miss?

A: After Ashley came to us I was sitting in my room for hour’s days probably even a week or two thinking about different names. I went on google trying to look at different stuff to inspire me to make a name. It was one night my cousin sent me a picture on Facebook and it said never miss a chance to dance and it just stuck with me and it is like never miss a chance to dance and after I’m like I am going to name it Never Miss after the quote.

Q: How did you inspire your dance team members?

A: Our role to coming to Hilbert College is not to dance but it is to be successful within our classes and to get your degree but how I inspire in different ways is to go to class and get your degree but also to let your emotions out while dancing. Inspire that this is a family it is much more than just dancing.

Q: Who are some of the teachers that have inspired you?

A: When I started dancing at 2 years old Ms. Barbara’s School of Dance that is where I first started. After that I went to Ms. K Dance Camp and then I went to Performing Arts where I had teachers Ms. Jones, Ms. Parker, and Ms. Rebecca.

Q: Why do you teach?

A: It has always been a passion for me to dance like I said I never would have thought I would be teaching but it is just a passion and that is just something that I love doing.

Q: What was your favorite part of being a dance captain?

A: I have a few things. Although it was hard managing over 30 members it was it also helped me become a better leader. That is what made me more of a captain do not get me wrong I struggled. It was hard but I kept going because of the girls on the team.

Q: What are your strengths as a dance captain?

A: Communication. Attention to detail and being very organized with all paperwork.

Q: What are some of your weaknesses as a dance captain?

A: Letting the little things get to me rather it is arguments on the team or conflict. Trying to do everything myself. I have a hard time asking for help.

Q: What has been your most memorable moment as a dance captain?

A: Our first performance. I would have never thought the crowd would have went as crazy as they did for that performance. The leadership skills I have gained from it and over 30 people that I still keep in contact with that is most memorable and I still remember almost all the dances.

Who Will You Vote For?

By Dale Zielen

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Who is America’s best hope? In my opinion, neither.  We have all been keeping up with the never ending fighting between the two candidates and the debates they have been having, but nothing I’ve heard them say yet has convinced me that they are going to help us as Americans and as human beings. Honestly all I see is bad decisions and a shitty next four years, no matter which of the two are selected as president.
One of Donald Trump’s plans if he were to become president is to lower taxes for the middle and lower class people, and to make sure that the richer, more powerful people pay more, but not too much to where it destroys jobs or undermines our ability to compete. I find this funny considering Trump acknowledged the fact that he avoided paying federal income taxes for years, eighteen to be exact. But yes lower our taxes and you can pay your fair share Donald, maybe throw in a little extra since you haven’t contributed in quite awhile. He also talks about immigration and securing jobs for Americans which sounds fair, but when you start talking about building walls and saying immigrants don’t belong here in America, the land of opportunity, it can definitely turn people off. Also isn’t your wife an immigrant? Weird.
Now Hillary isn’t any better. She is definitely more welcoming and has a good heart, but she isn’t very bright. We all know about the whole email conspiracy and the wonders about her health. My question is: is she really her best right now? Can she serve and do a good job for four years without any concern that she may have health problems in the future? I guess only time can tell. Come November 8th, Americans are going to have to choose. Trump or Clinton? I have yet to make a decision, have you?

Pie a Professor

“Is thcjfs-pie-thingis fat free?” Forensics Science professor at Hilbert College and Forensics department advisor for the CJFS Association, Daniel Culver, laughed as whip cream dripped down his chin. On September 26, 2016 from 11 am to 1 pm, the Criminal Justice Forensics Science Association hosted a “Pie a Professor” event in order to raise money for the club. Both Doctor Mark Paoni, a criminal justice professor at Hilbert College and criminal justice advisor for aforementioned club, and Professor Culver were victims of multiple aluminum tubs of whip cream “pies” to the face.

“The money is for the club,” Chris Hotaling, club president and a senior majoring in Forensics Science, explained. “It’s to help support trips, expose students to criminal justice, forensics sciences, seeing speakers in that field, trips to prisons, and visit law enforcement agencies. We’re redoing it because it was successful last year.” Anyone and everyone could join in on the fun; C.J. Paoni even took up the offer and pied Professor Culver.

It’s important to work hard for what you want, and these young men and women are definitely doing their part to ensure their future is successful by hosting fun events such as these where both the club and the participants get something out of the experience.

Hilbert’s own directs play at 710 Main

“Wonder of the World” a comedic play written by David Lindsay-Abaire, premiered at 710 Main Theatre on Thursday, September 15th. Hilbert’s own Taylor Doherty, a theatre professor, and member of the Buffalo Laboratory Theatre, was the director of the production.

“Wonder of the World” follows Cass Harris, an out-spoken woman who sets out of a journey of self-discovery after leaving her husband. She meets Lois, an unconcerned woman who suffers as an alcoholic, which causes her to be suicidal. The play follows them as they make their way to Niagara Falls—an iconic landmark much of our Hilbert students know, where Lois plans to go overboard. Audience watch as these unique characters interact with new people who seem to be up to no good. Eventually, these women come to their senses, realizing that running away from their issues isn’t the answer.

Students went to see the production for Professor Doherty as a class requirement. Kashya Williams, a junior majoring in Digital Media and Communication, had a great time at the show. She explains how her laugh could be heard across the theatre. She laughed a lot, and thought the show was very funny. When asked about who her favorite character was, Kashya answered, “The Sextuplets.” Yes, this sounds odd. But in the show, an actress played the role of six different characters, hence the character name.  In addition, Kashya defined her favorite part of the play as being when Captain Mike recalled the story of his wife, and the tragic yet ironic end she met.

Career Expo offers internships in the FBI!

The 10th Annual Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Expo was a popular event at Hilbert College on October 5th. Katie Martoche, the Director of Career and Community Engagement, explained how this event was not limited to criminal justice majors. All students with diverse interests can learn something from this, given the plethora of information at students’ fingertips.

In total, there were 18 groups, situated at different tables, with their pamphlets and posters on display. These tables offered career information for internships—a subject very prominent amongst the study body.

Retha Hunter, with the FBI Jobs, was present, promoting internship opportunities. She hopes to recruit college students to join a diverse team that keeps our communities and nation, as stated on their flyer they handed out during the event. FBI Jobs seek expertise in Intelligence, Computer Science or I.T., Foreign Languages, Engineering, Science, Accounting, Law, Military, and other investigative fields. To enter, a four-year college degree is required along with three years of professional work experience. As mentioned, professionals seek diversity, and appreciate students from all backgrounds. For example, if a student studied in the media or journalism field, a career in Public Affairs is a possibility.

Michelle, a transfer student from JCC, and a junior, studies Forensic Science. In addition, her friend, Chloe, a sophomore, and also a transfer from Millersville, Pennsylvania, is interested in Forensic Science, expressed interests in the criminal justice field. Both girls explained that they applied for an internship with the FBI. Chloe said that this expo was very helpful and presented a lot of information. This was their first time attending Hilbert’s event.

To learn more about the FBI Internship (Summer 2017) and University Hiring Program, visit FBIJOBS.Gov.

Bright Future for Criminal Justice Students

On October 5th the 10 annual Criminal Justice/Forensic Science career expo was held in West Herr Atrium.

One student, in particular, Nyesha Saez was ecstatic about the career fair. Nyesha majors in Forensic Science and plans to pursue a career as a crime scene investigator.

Nyesha figured out she wanted to major in forensics because of her interest in the show “Forensics Files”. Her high school guidance counselor was the reason she found out about Hilbert. The counselor she had said Hilbert had the best Forensics program in the area. Once she looked more into Hilbert she knew it was the school for her, she was not interested in any other school that offered forensics.

She explained you only need a bachelor’s degree, but can obtain your masters. When asked if she wanted to go for her masters she replied, “I do not want to go for my masters. I’m tired of school, I have been here long enough.”

Nyesha hopes to find a career in NY state, preferably with the Buffalo police. If not, she will take whatever she can get. She would love to stay in Buffalo because of her family. Nyesha is determined to get her career on track after graduation, she paid for many certified tests. The  tests are expensive but will be worth it in the long run.

Balancing School, Work, and Sports

Is it really as hard as you think to balance going to school full time and playing sports? What may seem even worse, adding work into the mix.

Megan Lee, a DMaC/ Marketing major at Hilbert explains her experience balancing cross country and classes. She explained she is able to balance everything by doing all of her school work ahead of time. “Do not wait until the last minute”, Megan said this is the worst thing you can do.

For students who are afraid to join a sport because they think it will be too, complicated Megan stressed that it’s not as bad as it seems. “Do not be overwhelmed, having to balance sports and school helps you become structured”. When asking Megan about the hardest part she exclaimed there isn’t one for her.

Samantha Bugenhagen balances just about everything, she’s in her third year for Forensic Science. Not only does she run track, she also works about 20-25 hours a week at Tops.

Sam’s day starts around 6:30, you would expect her to say the first thing she does is eat breakfast but instead, she works on homework. She leaves her house around 9:00 to make it to her first class on time, hoping she doesn’t get stuck in traffic. Her day is filled with classes from 9:35 to 1:40. Once classes are over she is either working on more homework or studying. Around 3:00 she gets ready for cross country practice, then has practice from 3:30 to 5:30. Right after practice she has to get ready for work, her shift goes from 6:00-10:00 pm. Her day is not over after work. Once she gets home she still has to eat dinner and shower. She can finally end her day around 11:00 when she has a chance to go to bed.

The toughest part for Sam is finding time for herself and trying not to get too overwhelmed. Similar to Megan, Sam believes it’s possible for perspective students as long as they stay organized and manage their time.

Coming Out Day

“I’m out because you can’t hold back all this sass,” Hilbert Spectrum treasurer Corey Boice proclaimed at the Coming Oasdfghjkijuytrewsedrftgyhujkhgtfrdesw-1ut Day event held in Bogel front foyer on October 12th from 12pm to 3 pm. Though Coming Out Day is on October 11th, Student Activates wanted to recognize the LGBTQIAP+ community when everyone could attend and learn about the importance of the day.
“The purpose of the event is to honor the 1987 March of Washington,” Tommy Vane, director of student activities, asserted. “It’s to inform about proper pronouns, different sexualities, equality, see what students come out as allies, and to just celebrate.” Adorned on his chest was a “He/His/Him” sticker, though there were many to choose from like: She/Her/Hers, Ze/Hir/Hirs, Xe/Xem/Xyrs, They/Them/Theirs, and even one left blank for people to fill in.
“This was our first time doing this event. I received excellent feedback. Several students were excited to see their flag/sexuality/gender represented through signage or nametags. I received several “thank yous” from students, faculty, and staff for hosting the event,“ Vane explained. The signages Vane spoke of were papers about different kinds of sexuality flags and what they represented such as the Pansexual flag, the Asexual flag, the Bisexual flag, the Transgender flag, and the Rainbow flag. Each one had an in
depth enriching description of what they stood for. There was also assorted sweets and an arrangement of fruits in a rainbow theme for those who wanted to participate.
Though there have been some leaps in equality, there are still places where those of the LBGTQIAP+ community would be in danger and same sex marriage isn’t recognized by the government. It may take longer for the world to recognize love is love no matter the outer shell, but Hilbert College is doing its part by giving the necessary attention and exposure that the cause deserves.